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Buyer’s Guide to Web Design Services

Web Design: Where Do I Start?

The key to any successful business is good marketing, and having an online presence is important. An eye-catching website that is easy to navigate is an invaluable tool. However, not just anyone can create or design a website. It is important to have some knowledge about building them and ensuring they have good functionality. Utilizing web design services might be the best option. The consultation and assessment of the needs of the website can be addressed during the build. This way the site is built with the purpose in mind, allowing it to flow and make sense to the end user once it is complete.

What is the purpose?

When beginning to design a website, identifying the purpose of the site is important. Ask yourself some questions before you begin working with a web designer.

  • What am I hoping to accomplish?
  • What is the purpose of the site?
  • Am I going to be selling anything?
  • What kind of information needs to be on the site?

Mapping out the objectives of the site will help the build make sense as you continue to add elements. Once the purpose is identified, it will be important to map out how the site will work. There are many different web elements that can be integrated into a website. It is imperative to understand what the elements are and how they can be utilized to accomplish the purpose of the site.

Begin the Design

When designing a website there are two main elements to keep in mind; What does the consumer see on the front facing side of the site and what does the owner of the site see in the administrative side of the site. Both elements are equally important to the overall success of the site. In the front-facing element, you want the site to be easy to navigate. You will want to ensure the site has an eye-catching landing page. This will be the first thing people see when they access your website. The main page should be exciting and informational. Too many graphics and confusing placement of information can turn consumers off. It can be good to utilize graphic designers to assist with branding and site layout. On the administrative end, where the site is managed in the background, you will want to ensure you can capture all the information you need from your website traffic.

Making of a list of information about your site that you will want to see while building the site will be helpful in the process. Here are some examples of things an administrator might want to know about their site traffic.

  • How many people are accessing the site?
  • How many sales have been made from the site?
  • What does the site inventory look like?
  • How long are people staying on the site?

If you are going to be selling things or collecting money from your site, you will need to include e-commerce services on the back end. This is not an element that is normally included in standard web design, but it is something that can be added to most design packages. Data that can give you usage will help you adapt your site in the future and allow you to adjust for underutilization. Once the site is built, you will need to place your site on a server that is connected to the internet. This will allow people to access your site online.

Who does the site creation?

Understandably, designing a website is a skill that not everyone has. To have a site designed well will depend on the skill level of the resources you choose to use. If you have graphic designers, IT experts, and web developers on your staff, then the cost of building your site could be relatively low since you have direct access to people and resources. However, if you do not have happen to have these types of professionals on staff, you might need to contract external services. Costs for site building can range depending on how intricate the site is and the number of layers and elements the site contains. There are a few options for this, you can find freelance designers, there are companies that offer all inclusive web building, you can also piece the project together and combine some package services and freelance resources.

The great thing about web design is there are no limits, you can get as creative as you want. Once the site is done, the last step is to make sure people can find your site. You will need to work with search engine professionals that can assist you and make your site searchable. Website exposure is key to bringing traffic to your site. Finally, launch your site and watch it fly.

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